Safety Kid on Torah Island: Early Childhood Program

Safety Kid on Torah Island consists of three adult workshops and a classroom presentation for children ages 5–6 Pre-K.  Presentations are scheduled in the order in which they are listed below.  It takes a community to create a safe environment for a child, thus the adults that make up the community of the child are educated first.

  1. The Early Childhood Director, administration, and executive staff receive a workshop that guidance for developing a safe school environment for students and staff.
  2. The Early Childhood staff, including the teaching and custodial staff, will be presented with a concise, yet, comprehensive workshop that informs staff of different aspects of child abuse and its prevention and their role in this task.
  3. The third workshop is for parents and provides practical and hands-on information for parents.  The aim is to educate, raise awareness and empower parents to become active partners in their child’s safety and welfare.
  4. In the classroom, Safety Kid on Torah Island will work directly with the children.  With the help of a Safety Kid puppet, pre-schoolers will learn about the ABC and D of safety.  The techniques used involve teaching cards, colorful teaching aides, an Audio CD with safety songs, and a DVD featuring Safety Kid and his puppet friends: Pinnie the Pirate, Lizzy the Lizard, Tolly the Toucan, and Momo the Monkey on Torah Island.
ABCD of Safety
  • Take Home Kit for Early Childhood Program

    A Safety Kid with Friends sticker:  Safety Kid and his puppet friends, Pinnie the Pirate, Lizzy the Lizard,Safety Kid Early Childhood program completion certificate Tolly the Toucan and Momo the Monkey are a great team to teach children about safety. The sticker picturing them is a constant reminder of some new safe friends your child has made.

    Trust Tree:  This is a wonderful opportunity for you and your child to talk about who they can talk to if anything makes them uncomfortable or has happened to them that involves inappropriate touch. Agree together on who is a trusted person that they can go to even if something feels “uncomfortable” to tell. Write those names on the trust tree or stick pictures into the provided boxes. Keep it at home. Some parents hang it up. Use it to review.

    The Certificate of Completion:   This is a colorful tool of review the main safety messages your children learned today. Encourage your child to hang it up in their room, so that the safety messages become a constant presence in your child’s life.

    Magnet:   Use this magnet to review the four rules and keep it in an easily visible place so that you can review the rules together when it is relevant (i.e., “Remember the B rule – Mommy told you that you can’t walk to your friend by yourself”)

All teaching material has been approved by the Los Angeles Halachic Advisory Board, and this program has been endorsed by Torah Umesorah and Mercaz Hachinuch program.

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