Project Community Shield

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Project Community Shield (PCS) is a bold new initiative designed to be a resource, support and referral service for the Los Angeles Jewish community.

Our Goals

Picking up where successful programs like Safety Kid and Project SafeCamp leave off—and building upon their groundwork—Project Community Shield is an ongoing community protection system that will keep children safe by bringing together multiple community and technological elements.

Resources and Services

We are now working with community partners and donors to develop a variety of key elements to the program.

  • Comprehensive Resource Database — incorporating individual professionals and agencies with an expertise in areas relating to child abuse for both victims and offenders.
  • Abuse Resource and Referral Line — providing support for families of victims and offenders – schools, individual communities, camps; administrators, teachers, rabbis and counselors.
  • Rabbinic Advisory Board — consisting of a group of leading local rabbis with an expertise in child abuse and working collaboratively in an advocacy role with local authorities.
  • Community Consultation and Liaison — providing relationship-building with and cultural-sensitivity training for Law Enforcement, Child Protective Services, the District Attorney’s office and community rabbis.
  • Intervention with Police, Prosecution and the Courts — offering guidance in dealing with local authorities and minimizing the trauma for victims and their families.
  • Web-based Information on Child Abuse — Monitoring trends and repeat allegations of abuse for community families, professionals and agencies alike.

Your Support

This program will be a vital element to community safety, keeping children safe and communities engaged and secure. But we cannot do it without you.

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