The Jewish Press Lauds The Success of MY Child Safety Institute

The Jewish Press published a feature on MY Child Safety Institute’s work, teaching child safety awareness in Orthodox communities across North America. With quotes by MY Child Safety Institute founder Mrs. Debbie Fox, LCSW, The Jewish Press highlights the Institute’s early inspiration, multiple programming missions, and success stories from the thousands of participants over the years.

Success story highlights include:

  • At a parenting workshop in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, a group of over 400 participants attended—even though it was the night before Hurricane Sandy ravaged the city.
  • A mother who returned home after a workshop and shared with her husband what she learned about child safety. In that moment, her husband broke down and admitted for the first time that as a young child, he, too, was abused.
  • A young boy at an amusement park who got separated from his parents knew exactly how to find a trustworthy helper, borrow their phone, and quickly get reunited with his parents.

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