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An Interview with Debbie Fox, LCSW.

Debbie Fox, LCSW, recently spoke with Allison Josephs, founder of Jew in the City, about sexual abuse in the Orthodox community, and how Magen Yeladim Child Safety Institute, is working to curb it.

When asked whether or not the Orthodox community is worse than others when it comes to abuse, Debbie explained that there is no way to know how one community compares to another. However, she said that the negative publicity created by incidences of abuse has had the following positive effects:

  • People no longer keep abuse a secret, even if it’s uncomfortable.
  • Kids now speak up more often.
  • Parents now take action if their kid reports an uncomfortable incident.

Debbie goes on to discuss how Magen Yeladim, as well as her new book, Seminary Savvy, helps empower youth, whether pre-adolescent or young adult, to protect themselves against abuse and unhealthy behavior. She recounts a success story in which a young boy avoided an inappropriate touching incident with a fifteen year old, and how he knew to tell his parents afterward.

Allison Josephs praises the work of Debbie Fox and MY Child Safety Institute, describing them as signs that our community is becoming better:

“We must take ownership for what has gone wrong, and continue to find ways to make our kids (of all ages) safe. But with people like Debbie Fox continuing to spread her message of transparency and empowerment, the future for Jewish children’s safety is getting bright each day.” - Allison Josephs — Jew in the City

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