Orthodox Jews Gather in Jerusalem to Tackle Sexual Abuse

  • Jerusalem Sexual Abuse conference - Rabbi Lau

1,000 Orthodox and ultra-Orthodox Jews attended the “Shedding Light on the Darkness of Abuse” conference in Jerusalem

During the first week of December, 2015, a rare but very necessary conference was held in Jerusalem. Organized by Tahel, the Crisis Center for Religious Women and Children, the purpose was to learn about, discuss and understand the taboo subjects of sexual assault and domestic abuse. Among the presenters was Debbie Fox, who was invited to educate rabbis and other attendees on how to talk to parents and help them, in turn, discuss sexual abuse with their children.

With news of recent tragedies in Australia and other parts of the world continuing to plague the yeshivas and the Jewish community as a whole, the need to bring these subjects to the fore is becoming increasingly apparent. Many rabbis are not equipped with the skills to address the issues, which are not taught in yeshivas.

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*Photo by Lior Mizrahi, Haaretz.

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