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6 Things Every Parent Should Know Before Sending a Daughter to Seminary

Seminary Savvy is getting some wonderful attention and starting conversations in communities around the nation. In advance of her scheduled visit to the Baltimore area to promote seminary safety, MY Child Safety Institute founder and Seminary Savvy author Debbie Fox, LCSW, wrote a special article for the community’s What When Where’s May 2015 issue. The article outlines six important points of advice for parents whose daughters may be heading for seminary in the near future. Here is a sample of what Debbie Fox wrote in the article:

If your daughter has just graduated high school, chances are high that in just a few months you’ll be sending her off for a special year in Eretz Yisrael. You may be anxious and concerned, and that’s normal. The seminary experience—a full year living thousands of miles  way from home—does have inherent safety concerns. And while your daughter is on the cusp of adulthood, she’s not there yet. The good news is that as a parent, you can empower yourself to avoid or identify issues that arise, ensuring that your daughter returns home with positive memories. Here are six of the most important steps to take:

  1. Be an Educated Consumer.
  2. Prepare…and discuss.
  3. Be clear about your approachability.
  4. Identify trusted adults.
  5. Stay in touch.
  6. Look out for changes.

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