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Guidance Through Seminary and the Years Beyond

Seminary Savvy, written by our own Debbie Fox, continues to get recognition and acclaim from members of the Jewish community. Most recently, Bracha Goetz wrote a rave review of the book in The Jewish Home, a family newspaper based in Los Angeles.

Goetz describes Seminary Savvy as full of wide-ranging wisdom for young girls getting ready for seminary in Eretz Yisrael. She points out Debbie Fox’s advice on:

  • Dealing with homesickness,
  • Keeping a healthy diet,
  • Asserting boundaries in social environments, and
  • Avoiding uncomfortable situations with men.

Taken together, this knowledge helps empower our young women to find and respect their inner voices. Goetz adds that the scenarios, funny cartoons, and feedback from actual post-seminary students, contribute to Seminary Savvy being an invaluable guide for young girls, as seen in this excerpt of her review:

“Hopefully each student heading to seminary will keep her own copy with her so that she can easily refer to it again and again. It will be one of the most essential things to pack because it has the potential to guide her not only through seminary, but also in the years beyond.” - Bracha Goetz — The Jewish Home

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