Thank you for supporting our education and awareness programs that give each child the opportunity to grow in a safe and nurturing world. As a donor, you become part of the movement for positive change by empowering educators, parents and students with the skills, resources and support to remain safe during these most vulnerable times.

Levels of Support

Donations of any level are appreciated and go directly to helping us protect our children.

Friend $54

Join Our Cause

Be part of the initiative to create a safer world for all children.

Donor $100

Make a Lasting Impression

Provide educational Safety Kid Take Home Kits to a class of children.

Sponsor $180

Help Spread the Word

Sponsor an educational newsletter providing safety education to parents.

Supporter $500

Fund a Presentation

Fund Safety Kid Child Safety presentation to one classroom of students in an elementary school.

Patron $1,800

Save a Summer

Provide Project SafeCamp Counselor Training program to counselors of one summer camp.

Guardian of the Children $5,000

Ensure a Safer Future

Sponsor the Safety Kid Child Safety program from A to E for an entire school!

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