Safety Kid Testimonials

The DO TELL rule really helped me the other day. Someone made me uncomfortable and shouting "NO", RUNning to and TELLing my Trusted Adult made me feel strong and safe. - Yehudah, 11, New York

“I loved the puppet. Momo the Monkey was so funny. I have the Safety Kid on Torah Island sticker on my desk in my room.” - Avital, 5, Los Angeles

"I consider this training to be a gift in that it offers the opportunity to come in from the prevention side rather than picking up the pieces after the individual has suffered the trauma of abuse." - Safety Kid Educator, Florida

"I felt overwhelmed with a huge sense of responsibility. It was up to ME to teach our children how to keep themselves safe. I felt as if I could have a big impact (hopefully positive!) on each of these childrens' lives." - Hana Barouk, Ph.D., Safety Kid Educator, Florida