Safety Kid Testimonials

“Being a Safety Kid Mom has given me the tools and confidence to be a better parent. I am forever grateful!” - Chani W, Los Angeles

“Being a Safety Kid Mom gives me an opportunity to actively protect my own kids and our community’s kids." - Jackie K., Los Angeles

"One child actually told me afterwards about being lost and knowing what she should do because she learned it from Safety Kid." - Jill K., Los Angeles

"I am passionate about the work of Safety Kid and encourage all parents to get involved on some level!” - Elisheva D., Los Angeles

"The Safety Kid Program gives children a voice and new skills that they know will help them stay safe." - Mashi B., Los Angeles

"It is thrilling to see first-hand the passion and devotion that schools and parents have in protecting children." - Dena B., Los Angeles

"...the Safety Kid program is really a life program of awareness, safety, and abuse prevention—regardless of age. - Adina R., Los Angeles

“I have been exhilarated the entire week from having taken this course. I feel it was informative, comprehensive and empowering." - Safety Kid Volunteer, Chicago

"I feel very proud and grateful to be part of such an important and successful program." - Rena G., Toronto

"I went through the ABCs of safety until I remembered that I had to ‘Check First’. The rules really do work!" - Rivki, 10, Toronto