Homepage Testimonials

"I went through the ABCs of safety until I remembered that I had to ‘Check First’. The rules really do work!" - Rivki, 10, Toronto

The DO TELL rule really helped me the other day. Someone made me uncomfortable and shouting "NO", RUNning to and TELLing my Trusted Adult made me feel strong and safe. - Yehudah, 11, New York

“The Project SafeCamp model is the professional counselor training model we have been waiting for. I recommend every camp become a Project SafeCamp.” - Meir Frischman, Director, Association of Jewish Camp Operators, Director, Camp Agudah

"It is a remarkable program; comprehensive without being overtaxing, informative without sacrificing one iota of sensitivity." - Rabbi Motti Rapoport, Director, Relief Resources, Toronto, Canada

"More than 6,000 pupils joined the effort to bring Safety Kid to Crown Heights. What a wonderful gift to give our children!" - Rabbi Nochem Kaplan. Merkaz HaChinuch, Crown Heights, New York

“Our community’s experience with Magen Yeladim International’s Safety Kid program was remarkable in every way. While the need for a national preventative safety program is an unfortunate sign of the times, nevertheless, it is gratifying that a fabulous program, endorsed by leading Rabbonim and led by nationally acclaimed Mrs. Debbie Fox, has emerged and has already benefitted and impacted some 28,000 children across the globe. The program was presented to our parents, faculty, and students in a dignified, professional, appropriate and culturally sensitive manner and was truly well accepted by one and all.” - Rabbi Simcha Dessler Menahel, Educational Director, Hebrew Academy of Cleveland

"I suggest that schools consider bringing this program into their classrooms." - Rabbi Dovid Nojowitz Torah Umesorah, New York, NY

"…the Safety Kid Program provides what is needed to empower, protect, and strengthen families everywhere.” - Detective Paul Bishop III, Los Angeles Police Department OIC – Sexual Assault Detail, West Los Angeles Area