Kids' Testimonials

"He started to talk to me about opening my zipper. I did not answer him and ran into my house as soon as I could." - M.M., 8, Denver, CO

“I know my Mommy and Daddy’s phone numbers, and if I get lost, I will ask a Mommy with kids to call them.” - A.D., 4, Los Angeles, CA

“My friends and I were carrying our cases on the street when a man approached me, offering to help. I told him that I did not need help." - S.S., 13, Phoenix, AZ

“If Dina from the Parsha had done Safety Kid, she wouldn’t have gotten hurt by Shechem.” - P.M., 7, Toronto, Canada

"I went through the ABCs of safety until I remembered that I had to ‘Check First’. The rules really do work!" - Rivki, 10, Toronto

The DO TELL rule really helped me the other day. Someone made me uncomfortable and shouting "NO", RUNning to and TELLing my Trusted Adult made me feel strong and safe. - Yehudah, 11, New York

“I loved the puppet. Momo the Monkey was so funny. I have the Safety Kid on Torah Island sticker on my desk in my room.” - Avital, 5, Los Angeles

“When he insisted and grabbed my suitcase I screamed ‘NO’. The man got so scared and ran away. The NO-RUN-TELL rule really worked for me." - 13-year-old boy (who took the program at age 11), Phoenix, AZ

“When I got lost in the library the other day, I remembered the safe helpers. I walked up to a mother with a daughter and asked her for help. I did not feel scared." - 9-year-old boy, Los Angeles, CA