This book is an amazing resource. Parents sending off a daughter to Israel want her to get the most out of the year...they can feel secure that she will understand the simpler and more complex aspects of staying safe in Israel—and beyond. No parent should send a daughter off without it. - Lisa Twerski, LCSW, psychotherapist and Board Member, Nefesh International

This handbook is entertaining, as well as chock-full of enormously valuable information. Not only should girls read it, but they should bring it along to reference as pertinent issues come up during their year. - Mrs. Chana Rabinowitz, MSW, Staff Social Worker at Darchei Binah Seminary

This book is the basis for an excellent program that was presented to our students last year before they left for Israel. Now that they are in seminary, they have told us how helpful it was. I hope it will help you, as well, prepare properly for this very important experience. - Rabbi Moshe Silver, Menahel Bais Yaakov Toronto

In our high school classes, our students hear clear messages of kedushah and tznius. Thank you for a wonderful work that applies those theoretical messages to the realities they will encounter in seminary, at work, and among friends as soon as they step outside our doors. While the book is written in an easy, appealing style, it never compromises the kedushah and kavod habrios with which sensitive subjects must be presented. I recommend this book without reservation for our seniors and graduates. Thank you for a real contribution to chinuch habanos. - Mrs. Zlata Press, Principal, Bnos Leah Prospect Park High School

There is a known principle of זה לעומת זה , meaning the opportunity for spiritual growth is always balanced by an equal opportunity for degeneration. The chance for עליה רוחנית is tempered by the יצר הרע ’s ability to lead astray. Accordingly, the year spent in Eretz Yisrael, a glorious chance for spiritual and personal growth, is endangered by the seducing distractions the יצר הרע offers to prevent the young women from achieving their (and their parents’) goals. Forewarning the young women of the various pitfalls that they may encounter goes a long way in ensuring that the year spent in Eretz Yisrael will be a successful year. We believe that Mrs. Fox and her team are owed a debt of gratitude for the courses and booklet they have created to achieve the desired results. - Rabbi Yaakov Hirschmann, Rosh HaKollel, Kollel Avreichim, Toronto

"It is written in the Torah, ונשמרתם מאוד לנפשותיכם . We are required to take care of ourselves. This is the purpose of this book. It will help us do the right thing, and is praiseworthy in the eyes of Hashem. It should be a zechus for all those who worked on it." - Rebbetzin Temi Kamenetsky, Philadelphia

"He started to talk to me about opening my zipper. I did not answer him and ran into my house as soon as I could." - M.M., 8, Denver, CO

“I know my Mommy and Daddy’s phone numbers, and if I get lost, I will ask a Mommy with kids to call them.” - A.D., 4, Los Angeles, CA

“My friends and I were carrying our cases on the street when a man approached me, offering to help. I told him that I did not need help." - S.S., 13, Phoenix, AZ

“If Dina from the Parsha had done Safety Kid, she wouldn’t have gotten hurt by Shechem.” - P.M., 7, Toronto, Canada