Magen Yeladim Child Safety Training Comes to Baltimore

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Baltimore is the newest city to adopt Magen Yeladim Child Safety programming, with six different schools participating.

On May 8, an informational meeting was held to train parents of six Baltimore schools in child safety training. This was just the beginning of a week long period of Magen Yeladim Child Safety Institute lessons and workshops taught to 700 parents and 960 children across six Baltimore schools. The event was a partnership between CHANA, MYI, and the Macks Center for Jewish Education.

At Sunday’s kick-off, Debbie Fox, director and founder of Magen Yeladim, explained the Safety Kid method as a tested and successful method to teach abuse prevention to children, parents and professionals in the Jewish community.

“Magen Yeladim has put tremendous chochmah into addressing this sensitive topic in an organized and thoughtful manner and has succeeded in getting this vital message across in a most effective way. It is critical that all children receive this training.” - Mrs. Ahuva Heyman, School Director, Bnos Yisroel

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