Parent Testimonials

"I am so appreciative for you coming to Baltimore with your program this week. I thought your presentation was excellent and will be a great deterrent for protecting our children from sex offenders. It was eye opening to hear story after story how this does occur in the frum community. It especially stood out when you mentioned how it occurs between siblings, roommates, and with the babysitter. I think you gave us excellent skills and methods on how to talk to our children about this uncomfortable subject as well the urgency to do so. With the proper histadlus and Hashem's ...

"My 7 year old son got separated from us at Disneyland yesterday. We found him a few minutes later talking to a safety officer." - Parent, Torath Emet, Los Angeles, CA

“The program was wonderful last week, and it was amazing to hear my kids at home singing and talking about the ABCs of safety." - Parent, Phoenix Hebrew Academy

"I am so impressed that she not only knew the ABC’s of safety but that she was so enthusiastic to teach it to her sister.” - Parent/Teacher, Far Rockaway, New York

“The Parent Education Workshop was amazing. I was blown away. I walked out feeling educated and more competent to keep my children safe. I am much less scared now than before the presentation. Thank you.” - Parent, Crown Heights, New York, NY